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In addition to the digital and print version of the publication, there are also more than 50 audio podcasts that are easy to download, save, share, and consult in the field on a mobile phone.

The podcasts are organized in light of the Colombian tourism regions:

01. Introduction

Greater Colombian Caribbean:

02. And Let the Trouble be Heard, Dammed! Bullerengue in Colombia
03. The Conch Shells of Colombian Caribbean
04. A Flute that Is not a Flute: The Caña de Millo
05. Following the Road to Vallenato: The Accordion
06. Songs pf the Wiwa Peoples of La Guajira in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
07. Reggae Vibes in Colombia: From the Beach to the Dance Floor
08. San Basilio de Palenque and its Traditional Sounds: The Heart of Africa in Colombia
09. Music, Tradition and Interaction of a Riverside Culture in Mompox
10. The Euphonium: A Story of Porros and Fandangos
11. The Gaita

Colombian Pacific:

12. Aguabajo and Rumba in the Music of Colombian Southern Pacific Coast
13. Cowbell, Güiro and Maracas: Companions for a Night Out with Salsa in Cali
14. The Sounds of San Pacho: Clarinets and Chirimías
15. Cununo: The Drum of Colombia’s Southern Pacific
16. Tambora and Bombo in Southwestern Colombia
17. The World of Salsa in Cali: Dancers, Musicians, Music Lovers and Record Collectors
18. Guasá: Vibrations in the Marimba Ensemble
19. The Marimba de Chonta in Currulao and Juga

Western Colombian Andes:

20. The Campesino Parranda. A Descendent of the Pasillo
21. Ballads in Antioquia: Among Humor and Improvisation
22. Singing Heartbreak: Bitter Music

Eastern Colombian Andes:

23. Andean Colombian Bambuco
24. Carranga Music: A Genre from the Country
25. From the Waltz to the Pasillo
26. Cante de Guabina: The Call of Mountain Poets
27. The Marrana or Puerca: A Rhythmic Grunting in Rural Music
28. The Spoons: From the Kitchen to the Dance


The Colombian Massif:

29. The Chirimías of Cauca: An Intergenerational Cultural Tradition
30. Ratchets: Among Jubilation and Prayer
31. San Agustín: A Record in Stone
32. Side-blown Flutes of Central and Southwestern Colombia
33. From Bambuco to Son Sureño
34. The Violins of the Cauca, from North to South
35. Mates in Chirimías and Flute Bands

The Colombian Amazon-Orinoco:

36. Cantos de Vaquería: Heritage of Humanity in Colombia
37. Songs of the Nomadic Kurripaco and Hibi Indigenous Communities on the Banks of the Atahuapo River in Guainía, Colombia
38. The Cuatro: The Feeling of the Llano’s Man
39. Maracas Llaneras: From the Ranch to the Symphony
40. The Llanera Harp in Colombia
41. The Rebirth of the Llanera Bandola
42. Joropo Llanero: A Fiesta for Everyone


43. The Quijada de Burro and its Spread Throughout Latin America
44. Christmas Carols: From Medieval Villancicos to “Tutaina Tuturumá”
45. Marching Bands: From Alexander the Great to Colombia
46. Mansions, Villas and Pianos
47. The Foxtrot as Intercontinental Travelling Dance and Music
48. The Tiple: Colombia’s National Instrument
49. Hip Hop and the Ancestral
50. Bogotá and New Colombian Music

We hope that the public enjoys these audio podcasts and that the sound experiences they offer inspire them to co-create, connect, and conserve Colombia's cultural heritage.